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Nationwide, multi-industry General Contractor and Program Management company.
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About Us

Founded in early 2020, AIVEN Group, LLC. DBA AIVEN Group has harnessed and perfected a diversified portfolio of experience and expertise that began in the mid 80’s. Our current service offerings include, but are not limited to, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, 5G Small Cell installation, erecting new towers, demolishing / disposing of old towers, system upgrades, maintenance, government projects.

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About Us

What We Do


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Government Projects

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Commercial design, A&E, Construction, Maintenance

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Electric Vehicle Charging, infrastructure, energy storage

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Our Promise

The AIVEN Group is invested in your success.

Our business strategy and daily efforts are “more than a job”, they are a collaborative mission to improve, engage and build long standing customer relationships. Everything we do, whether EV Charging Infrastructure, 5G Small Cell Communication / Cellular Tower Installations, Solar, etc., our day-to-day operations and mission are more than projects outlined in proposal requests. These are welcomed challenges seen as opportunities to learn and to grow together.

That is why we at The AIVEN Group bring a thoughtful and collaborative approach to every one of our partnerships, whether at the customer level or at the vendor / Strategic Partner level. We know we can help our partners make a positive impact within their specific industries and nationwide as well. Even though we may lead and spearhead large projects and teams, we ensure that everyone’s voice / opinion is heard, and all parties are given the respect deserved.

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